You have to fight too!!

You know,day by day I try to get more involved with Christ but I’ve legit being distant for a while. I realized that in this life, battles don’t just get won all of a sudden. You must play a part of letting go and asides that,note the temptations. The temptations are the worst part and if you’re not very strong in Christ, I assure you that the relationship you’re building will crumble like it never started.

Ever gotten so far in a problem,just to realize you are back to square one?? It hurts more than you can ever imagine and I’m a testimony. I can tell you it’s not easy and even as I write this,I’m trying to retrace my steps.

Back in those days, being a Christian was easy for me. I just had to recite the “Dear Lord” stuff ,it was that easy but I never understood why we see the same people we saw yesterday come back the day after to seek after God . I get why now,not everyone recites the ” Dear Lord” and is safe because even after doing that,we have to deal with ourselves too like we are going through some sort of “rehab”. It’s not something we can tell people no matter how much we feel they are there for us,it’s our thing and the only person we feel comfortable telling God is because He doesn’t judge,He takes you just as you are but we keep falling back .

Christianity is so so so so easy for some because they aren’t fighting battles,we are and it affects us more than anyone can realize. Sometimes it’s like we are literally there for anyone but when it comes to us🙂 that’s when we realize it’s only God we can trust. You know sometimes it eats us so deep ,so so so deep that we get so lost and no direction,we take what the day had to offer. We don’t want more because it’s like it would always be the same . We have this inner shame that tends to push us back but you know one thing I realized, everyone has their secrets,we just don’t know what it is and some people don’t but dear ,don’t be quick to judge,who knows 🤷??

That’s when Jesus comes in,He lifts that burden when you surrender but then it’s like something is missing, something you know you have to find out yourself because it’s when you find it that you can have a stable relationship. It’s a difficult task even with Jesus ,just less difficult. You can imagine how it must be then.

The temptations will be so alluring,so inviting and if you can’t fight it you are a goner. I’m not here to talk about normal Christianity,I’m trying to reach out to those that are finding it difficult because it’s not just them,there are a lot of us who are deeply lost but people think we are normal because we are so far from it. You see me coming out every Sunday to meet God and accept Him every week???

You pray for me because it ain’t easy because I’m working on myself for me too!!!. I want to be real!! I want to be a victor!!!. Yeah,that’s just about it because you don’t know how it feels indoors,do you??. You see that brother or sister,you reach out. They may not share but they want the prayers you have to offer. It’s so funny that asides this aspect,there are a lot more but I just seem to be able to relate to this aspect than any other .

Don’t get me wrong,dear beloved!!!

God will play His part,make it easier for us during our “rehab” but sometimes it’s like we can’t fight it. We have to be strong too on our own using the Word. You need to know when to tell that demon to back off because they sure as hell don’t listen the first time but as you get stronger,you’ll understand that they want to see you at your weakest,they want to see you overpowered knowing fully well they did that to you.

But what of you, are you going to give them that pleasure??? I did for a week then I tightened my lace and I know this time as God is playing His ,I’m playing mine harder than I could have imagined.


That feeling that I conquered,I’m conquering and will still conquer the ones yet to come . Yeah,that’s the feeling and it’s so nice because the confidence and assurance it gives you can never be measured.

Thanks for reading,

Feel free to drop a comment about how you feel or anything because I’ll love to know I’m reaching out .

You feel like you need a “rehab”. I can help you with that.

Just know!!!

Heyyo people!!

How’s it going??

You’re having a problem right now,just calm down because it’s all good. You are going to be better and finer than your expectations when you have a feel of God.

God is a lot of things and I’m one of His proud creation,yeah that’s us.

You know,He’s so beautiful, His love is overwhelming,His consistency is alarming,His faithfulness believe me dear, is beyond your understanding.

Have you ever had a problem that you’ve been trying so hard to get saved from. It’s like a demon keeps pushing you down,yeah??

Then you think you can do this on your own???

Who do you think you are to do that?

What power do you carry?

Does the devil sight you before you even leap?

You know,there will be a time you’ll so much hit the devil and he won’t have an idea what came over Him?

You have a problem,you are carrying a burden. You have problems,you are carrying a burden that can weigh you down faster than you expect. Don’t misinterprete me because they are burden that will eventually weigh you down but it’s a matter of TIME!! . The decision you make has a great impact too .

But then,you realize that when you surrender it all,it’s like you never carried it. It makes life easy,your smile becomes more attractive to you and you want to do it more because that feeling is like the best you can ever have.

There is someone you just need to call on and say “Here I am,I can’t do this on my own and I’m so foolish for even trying”. Surrender it all,why don’t you?

Give him your all,why don’t you??

He wants you

He needs you

It ain’t gonna be easy but He got you. That feeling that no matter how many time you mess it up,you leave ,you give up. He doesn’t because He knows you’re coming back but when??

Honestly He can be frustrating,what does He want from you??

I’m also new at this and I’ve seen people trying to reach out to unbelievers and I’m trying something too because writing always seem to be my thing.

Matthew11:28_”Come to me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I’ll give you rest”.

Even as a sinner,this kept drawing me back to God making me know that there is a way I can back off from these things, that there is a way I can smile wide and know I’m smiling inside not lamenting. For real,He gave me joy,He gave me hope and one sure thing I can tell you is that I know my future is secured.

Jeremiah 29:11″For I know the plans I have towards you, plans of good and not of evil to give you an expected end”.

You have a plan you want to fulfill,catch up to,yeah,don’t we all??

Have you ever thought of the plan of God ??. He is awesome.

Just try Him today and tell me how it feels.